UPS Vs FedEx Shipping Rates, Delivery Time Comparison 2022

UPS Vs FedEx Shipping Rates: UPS and FedEx are the two world leading Logistic companies with transportation facilities available across the globe. Both these companies have been listed in the fortune 500 companies and also significantly seeing improvements in their rankings. On the other side, both the companies have a strong competition in the logistics industry over the last two decades.

ups Vs fedex shipping rates, delivery time comparison 2022
ups Vs fedex shipping rates comparison 2022

On this page we have come up with the comparison guide that highlights the ups vs fedex shipping rates, prices, reliability, delivery time for large packages and more. So, go through this page regularly to check thoroughly about the international shipping giants of United states.

UPS Vs FedEx Shipping Rates, Delivery Time Comparison 2022

UPS and FedEx are US biggest courier service companies. Both companies provide the facility to send the consignments to domestic and international locations. They also provide tracking the status of these shipments online and by SMS means. Though the services offered by both these courier companies are same, the United Parcel Service is superior in many aspects.

Both these couriers guarantee the delivery of the goods in time and also give the customers with the tracking functionality to locate the consignment.

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About UPS:

UPS is a premium courier service which guarantees reliable, safe and secure way of delivering your goods. It provides 24×7 pickup and delivery facility. It also provides a functionality to track the status of the consignment. One can track the shipment status online at United Parcel Service website.

About FedEx:

FedEx is an affordable courier service which is reachable to everyone. It also delivers the goods in a secure way. Though it operates 24×7, the pickup and dropping facility through out the day is only available for premium products. It also provides the ability to check the courier status. Any one can check the FedEx consignment status at waycourier portal.

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Why UPS is Reliable Than FedEx?

Major eCommerce companies in United States prefer UPS for sending their products. UPS has earned the trust of customers and it also backed up by thousands of Employees and hundreds of Vehicles and cargo’s. It has invested in various technologies and is providing different types of tracking APIs to the customers. FedEx on the other side giving a tough competition to the United Parcel Service. Even both these courier platforms offer common services to their customers, UPS is reliable than FedEx because of the following reasons.

  • On-time delivery guaranteed.
  • Delivery available to all the domestic and international regions.
  • Ability to schedule the delivery time.
  • Rush delivery available.
  • Customers who send high volumes of packages can get a discount on the courier fee. Also, there is a discount to customers who send packages regularly between the same origin and destination routes.

UPS Vs FedEx Shipping Rates Comparison 2022

Below is the list comparison of shipping rates among UPS and FedEx courier services in US.

Starting RatesUPSFedExUSPS
Small Box$11.50$9.50$7.65
Medium Box$15.50$12.35$13.20
Large Box$21.00$19.05$18.30
Extra Large Box$25.00$30.85N/A

Overnight Delivery UPS Vs FedEx

USPS Priority Mail Express$46.20
UPS Next Day Air Early$114.74
FedEx First Overnight$106.94
FedEx Priority Overnight$64.44
FedEx Standard Overnight$60.80

UPS Vs FedEx Ground Rates

UPSstarts at$7.57/1lb$3.60 residential surcharge
USPSstarts at $7.35/1lbN/A
FedExstarts at $8.23/1lb$4 surcharge for home delivery

UPS Vs FedEx Small Packages


UPS Vs FedEx Large Packages


Why to Choose UPS over FedEx?

UPS is the best courier service which is quick, safe and also cheaper shipping rates than FedEx. I had been using the services of UPS Couriers, Overnight delivery, Air Freight and some other popular ones without problem.

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